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Mark Madonna
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Friday 8pm 2 4x4 protein style animal style, 10 pm 4 oz jaeger
Saturday 10am 2 pork chop, 2 eggs, potato hash brown, cup fruit
4 pm 2 pieces of pizzas, 6pm beef taco, chicken taco, fish taco, no tortilla, 4 oz. jaeger, 2-40s coors light, 9 pm 2-2x2 protein style animal style
Sunday 6:00am 1 lb scramble eggs, 1lb chorizo, 1.5 lbs mixed fruit, 4 oz tri-tip
2 pm 3 cookies, 4 pork ribs, 1/2 lb turkey breast, cup salsa, 1 nectarine
8 pm bottle cashew mac butter, .25 lb Tillamook cheddar cheese
12:00 .75 lb sausage, 1 lb hamburger, lb carrots
3 pm .5 lb hamburger, lb carrots
8 pm bottle cashew mac butter, lb frozen tropical fruit, lb ground turkey
9 am 1 oz chocolate brownie, bottle cashew mac butter, lb turkey breast
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