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Jon Brody
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I had a brief talk w/ my friend, who said he liked ART and was pretty familiar w/ it, but that MAT is a different breed of beast was what I interpreted.

In terms of the treatment itself, the pressure applied is more "superficial" -- not the best word, but basically it doesn't go to the absolute inner depths that you find w/ ART.

The MAT is really starting to intrigue me. It's seems almost too ingenious. There is trauma/injury/weakness/etc., surrounding areas immediately begin to compensate, feel the pain, create new imbalances while the original weakness/injury festers. Through tests the areas get pin-pointed and the muscles are "turned back on", allowing optimal recovery and immediate strength while stymieing further imbalance.

There is more logic to it I'm sure, but that's my basic understanding at this point.

N.B. I did another sesh yesterday after tweaking something in my hip/quad; if I was on a knee or w/e I couldn't get up without holding on to my other leg or something else. 30m MAT later I was s8ened out.
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