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My examples: my uncle will finish his 30th marathon in this year at age 60. His joints and health are in terrific conditions, he looks like about 40 years old. He's a pretty good long distance runner. In his youth he could run a marathon in 2 and a half hours. I don't know whether he could do a pull up or not but why is it matter if someone is feeling great, light and fitt. I can do plenty of pullups but I certainly can't finish a marathon.

Another example: my brother-in-law can do plenty of pullups, bench press 250 lbs and he finished his first ironman in 10 hours. Isn't he fit? Will chronic cardio kill him? I don't think so. He 's feeling pretty good. I'm doing olympic weightlifting and eating paleo foods, but I'm far from being that fit.

Maybe this two examples mean little, but I always wanted to make some statements about this whole "don't do cardio" mania.
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