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Kevin Anderson
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Man, my wrists are always sore because I have to rack the bar with my fingers. If I could just grip the bar, life would be so much easier. I don't know about others, but more wrist flexibility isn't going to improve my grip on the bar, it has more to do with my shoulders and elbows. Any type of clean with a strap and my elbows can't raise and I can't rest the bar on my shoulders. I tried stretching with straps and a lightly weighted bar but eventually I get an inflammed shoulder or my elbows feels like they are going to explode. At the gym, we sometimes do cleans of the blocks with straps which is impossible for me. This is when I wish I would have been racking the bar a young age. I have a 5 kilo bar and my soon to be 4 year old racks it beautifully. If someone has a recipe to cure this affliction, please let me know.
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