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Originally Posted by Gittit Shwartz View Post
Why not check it now? If you do find a problem it can take time to get it sorted out.

In general, I would put more faith in a Lyle program than a t-nation one. More science, less hype, and he is not trying to sell you anything (except his books, and even that is just so he can prove to one more person that he's right).
The sad part is that he's still fairly obscure and people tend to be pretty ingrained with their ideas when they finally find out who he is (I know I was.)

A decent test you can do on yourself is test your morning temperature, first thing. Figure out what your normal temp. is. If that's awful low (of course, hardly anyone runs exactly 98.6 degrees) then you know something's up. if you're in range and experience a drop, then you can move from there.

Just kind of a range finder if you will.
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