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Default What do you dudes tell other dudes?

I started a bonefied training plan ~1 week ago, so I'm hardly a grizzled vet; that said, I can already tell this (metcons, powerlifting, oly, gymnastics, e.g.) is what I want to commit to (both from an enjoyment perspective and also for the results).

Some friends, however, who I love to hang with, follow a supremely boring, typical bodybuilding routine with even more boring, lame hamster-wheel "cardio". I just can't go back to that lol...anyone else find themselves in this conundrum?

I'm hoping that as I become a jacked beast of physicality it'l cause some persuasion, but right now it's like they can't go to the gym on a Monday without doing 6 chest isolation exercises and 20minutes on an elliptical.

I'm basically in a compromise mode right now -- throwing in a superfluous spin-class here and there, adding and timing in some bicep work, BP, etc.

What have you guys said to other guys in similiar spots? Or do you just let your results do the bulk of the talking? I feel like I'm Plato and talking to people viewing shadows in the cave(!)
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