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I generally work out alone. i talk to friends at my school gym some, but i don't really involve them in my workouts. if somebody is curious about something i'm doing, i'll teach them, but i never feel the need to emulate the bodybuilders. i don't really understand why you feel the need to do bicep curls with them. just do the workout the way you wanna do it. what you do may not look impressive for a little while, but eventually you will be able to do a planche on the floor, a handstand on the rings, etc. smart friends will recognize the strength you've obtained. stubborn friends will downplay the stuff you're doing, and they'll remain weak.

this isnt' really a complicated situation. go into the gym, do some joint mobility, work some levers, clean and jerk some weight, time a helen or something, and do a little yoga. unless your friends are doing the same exercises, they probably don't fit into this workout.

some other people have started crossfitting a bit in my school gym. we all talk but because of schedule differences and what not, we never workout together. i train BJJ 5 days a week in 3 hour sessions, so i have to be careful and not do barbara or some other ridiculous metcon too often. i'll show those guys some form stuff sometimes, like how to kip your dips or how to do double unders, but you need to tailor your workout to fit your own needs. join in with their workout if you think that's what your body needs. since you obviously don't think so, then dont' do their workouts. just hang out with them on the weekends or something
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