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Jon Brody
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Haha, good stuff.....I agree -- bottomline, have fun and let the results speak for themselves and gradually, naturally entice 'em!

Funny you mention doing a full planche on the floor Grissim....I've already taken a heaping of shit for doing my static progressions!

Part of the problem is just good buddy has it in his head that he has to do "high reps for definition" and a ridiculous amount of typical machine work to "isolate the muscles" and the usual 30m of low-intensity, boring "cardio to lose fat".

Another component that I'm now convinced just fear of looking weak (initially, really) or foolish and possibly standing, I don't exactly look like a suave model at the moment after I'm drenched in sweat from doing burpees; hands on my knees, chest-not-puffed out right after a metcon; or when doing modest weight oly lifts, and I'm then seen struggling to hold a weird planche progression for a few seconds at a time.....
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