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Parkour Exercises

Worked on jumps, landings, kongs, and rolling for about 30 min.

Workout w/ Marines
This was crazy! I just came up w/ this sick conditioning session. Way too much to do under an hour. We were all dying. So next time we do this I'm going to modify it...not too much though!

Exercises/sets done in any order. Just complete.

Kettlebell (2) Mil Press (I used 2 70lbs KBs....big mistake 5 x 5
Kettlebell Snatch w/ 53lb 5 x 5
Wall Ball w/ 20lb ball 10ft target 20 x 5
Chest to bar pull-ups 10 x 10
Tire flips w/ plyo jump in/out 10 x 5
Sand-bag slams w/ 35lb sand-bag 20 x 5
Reverse Burpees 10 x 5
Box jumps 20 x 5 (I used 32" box)
Knees to elbows 10 x 5
Parkour rolls on concrete x 15

Well after 60 minutes of work, we were not all complete w/ everything. Most of us had about 1-2 sets left of about 2-3 exercises.

So I pulled the plug cause we had to get back to work.

Good workout out though.
"One must try everyday to expand one's limits."
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