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Another fail of mine was spraining my wrist pretty badly during a PR attempt squat clean a couple years ago. It took about 3 months until it actually felt normal again. The problems were 1.) the increase in weight was too large relative to my max 2.) I was fatigued (having already missed at that weight twice) and 3.) I got lazy with the elbow whip.

Lessons learned:
-That I need to always channel as much aggression into the elbow whip as I do with the 2nd pull.
-Take smaller jumps approaching 1RM weights
-Keep PR attempts to ~4kg or under for snatch or clean and jerk...that's just what works for me.
-Ignore peer pressure and know when to call it a day retrospect, these all seem like no-brainers, but I guess I had to learn the hard way.

Next Steps:
On the bright side, the time off from being injured gave me the chance to re-evaluate my clean technique and rebuild it from square one. I ended up losing the arm pull and really improved my overall positioning.
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