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Originally Posted by Adolfo Riveron View Post
I find it makes the hangover worse as your body is screaming for water but its being rushed out of you. Just my personal experience.

I find it helpful to bring water in there and hydrate as im sweating fluids out. Feels like youre detoxifying yourself in a way. It also helps me feel better when im sick or i have my sinuses acting up.
Well that's pretty obvious that you would need to drink extra water if you are going to be sweating after a training session...I would usually drink upwards of two litres of water if I'm having a sauna. If I'm training then having one that doesn't include my one litre of milk post workout

Originally Posted by John Vernon View Post
I had a friend who hippie flipped in a sauna once...he never fully recovered, I'd say it's a bad idea.
Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
steve - how about timing? were you throwing them in arbitrarily, or were they post workout or some other significant time?

john - i was planning on leaving the mushrooms and ecstasy out of it for once.
Probably a good idea to leave the drugs out, but if it does happen at least it is getting out of your system which is a good thing.

Originally Posted by Timothy Scalise View Post
so do yall think that using the sauna several times a week to be bad? I was planning on using it more to aid recovery.
I think the general consensus is it is beneficial if you top up your fluids and electrolytes, it helps remove toxins through the skin and if you take a COLD shower after is acts as a great contrast therapy.
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