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Rick Deckart
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Sorry to hear of your injury, hope you will recover soon. Not that I am in the position to offer you any advice---although perhaps two things:

First you accident my not be the cause of your injury perhaps you already had some sort of hairline crack in the affected bone. Not at all too unusual among jumpers.

Second a friend of mine, a triathlete, got some severe Achilles tendon inflammation which forced him to stop all running for over half a year.
So he stopped all running and bicycle running and did start bench pressing to do at least something. He put on some good numbers and slowly started running again when he was ready. As far as I recall he then stopped serious triathlon training (when he tried to get back to old peak form his Achilles tendon would raise it's head) instead he started boxing. And he had some talent for it.

So use your now jumping free time to address those 'neglected corners' of yours (if there are any) and if you give the injury time to fully recover chances are you will come back.


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