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Default Fat and Liver congestion

I'm thinking about ratcheting up my fat intake for getting enough calories. I've already been eating lot of fat lately but I'm bit worried about eating even more fat. I'm about 150-155 lbs. With an average 2900 kcal a day I'm stuck at this weight. I'd like to pack on some muscle... I kept a fitday log, here is my overview from it about my last few months:

calories: 2872 kcal
fat: 192 grams (58%)
carb: 170 grams (22%)
protein:139 grams (20)

I'm aiming towards 3500 kcal a day. I can't and eat more protein and I definitely don't want to eat more carb, so I'm alone with fat. To get 3500 kcal I will need about 260-270 grams fat which a bit scarry I think. Will my liver take it? Do I have enough ox bile? I have no history with liver congestion or any other liver disease, I'm just worried a bit. I know fat is good, but is it good in this quantity?! Or 270 grams fat isn't much at all? How much do you eat when you are eating for muscle gain?

By the way I'm planning to get the missing fat from olive oil and coconut oil (already in my diet). I'll drink them...

(Sorry for the bad english, I hope you understood it)
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