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Ew, forgot about one from my college days when I was powerlifting. All suited/wrapped/cramped up at a globo gym at peak hours, screaming my head off, getting all pscyhed up with my power lifter buddies. A group of five us trained together and we were all doing the same meet. We used to beat the absolute shit outta one another before a near max lift. It was awesome. Got some pictures of some nice bruises to prove it.

I believe we were about 10 days out from the meet and I was working my way up to my openers in the squat. Had on old Ernie Frantz suit on. It was single ply (this was the late 80s). Anyway, the squat stands face away from the rest of the gym. So when you backed out with the weight on your shoulders, other gym members would either see your ass or the dude who was spotting you from behind.

Since the weight wasn't overly heavy - as it was an opener, I didn't have a spotter behind me. As I walked it out, I had two spotters on the side. I reckon the weight would have been in the mid 500s. I was lifting in the 220s then. As I went into the hole, the ass of the squat suit ripped loud as all hell - beyond that the whole ass end of the suit literally shredded from my taint to about the middle of my back. I reckon the whole gym saw at least a portion of my ass crack - as we were all wearing the "old school floral print banana hammock buy your underwear in a tube" at the time.

Got up with the weight. Racked it. Undid my knee wraps and did the walk of shame to the locker room to change back into my shorts. I got at least a dozen thumbs up from other members in the gym. Not sweet.

What did I learn - still don't know.
What did I do differently - still trying to figure that one out too.

Oh yeah, anyone ever crap themselves on a reallllllly heavy set of squats before? That's a story for a different time.

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