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Duke McCall
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Well, I am not sure it constitutes an EPIC FAIL, but I learned again last week--the hard way--about the need to pay attention when lifting. I was working on rack jerks when I remembered something I needed to tell my wife. I ran up stairs and spoke to her for a couple of minutes before running back downstairs to resume my workout. I was still thinking about our conversation when I started my last set of rack jerks. Lost in thought, I neglected to pull my head back. The collision between the bar and my chin was violent enough to chip a tooth and nearly knocked my out. Fortunately, muscle memory took over and I completed the lift without dropping the bar on my head.

After the cobwebs cleared, I finished my workout with a bit more focus on what I was doing and no more problems. But I am having to fight the urge now not to push the bar forward on my jerks.
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