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Originally Posted by John Alston View Post
You need to join a team and get in a meet already. You can't learn anything about competing on the freaking internet.
Matheiu, You sound a lot like me. You study books, read a lot of info on the forums, ask lot's of questions, and do digital coaching. But you still need a coach. I have a local coach who I at least touch base with once a month. I think he considers me part of his "team" although I do the majority of my training on my own. I've been lucky enough to hook up with Glenn Pendlay for a few training sessions.

Originally Posted by Gant Grimes View Post
Sack up and sign up. It's what separates those who train from those who just work out.

OLY meets are the best environments in sports for first time competitors. In my first meet, the other lifters were extremely helpful to me. They advised me about starting weights, jumps, time between lifts, warmups, etc.

In my first judo comp, the other guys just kicked my ass.
I agree with what Gant said. But competing in a O'Lift meet is slightly different than martial arts. I was on an MMA kick for several years and over that time period had about 5 very amateur tournament fights. You really, really have to trust your coaches when you are talking about getting in the ring against someone else. They need to get you the right matchup for your experience level and give you good ring side advice etc.

As Glenn noted above, O'lifting has some level of excitement but not the same as hand to hand combat against another man. To me there is somewhat less of a risk with O'lifting so just sign up for a competition and do it. Still helps to have a coach as noted above.
Originally Posted by glennpendlay View Post
I could care less how they "place" or "rank". There are things you can ONLY learn by competing.

I would encourage everyone to compete as early as possible, compete as often as possible, etc. I would have a meet here every Saturday if I had the facilities for it.
I'm agree with Glenn. Right now O'Lifting is my new hobby. I have no expectation to make it to the 2012 Olympics but I plan to get in any local meets I can while I am on this O'Lifting kick. My first competition is May 9.

I am not quite ready yet to give up competing and live life vicariously through my two boys. Although, I do see that day coming in the near future.
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