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Not to sound like a broken record, but enter a local meet and compete! I only recently entered my first powerlifting competition. It was a blast! I so wished I had not waited until I was 35 before I started this awesome, life changing sport. I can't wait to find a local OL meet to sign up for. Something about a competitive environment that brings out the best in me. And having at least 3 judges critique your every lift brings a new meaning to a PR (just try squatting with a SQUAT, RACK command and bench with a START, PRESS and RACK command. Take your best lifts and subtract about 30 pounds from each). I bet only about 2% of the lifts I see in the gym would pass. I now have true numbers on which to build.

Also, there were about a 100 lifters at the meet I attended. Not 1 competitor wasn't cheering another on to his or her best lift! Amazing. How many times has a receiver or back encouraged you to hit him as hard as you can? And then high 5 you when you did? So many guys were even giving me tips on how to best setup for my lifts to maximize my really long arms and legs (great for deadlifting, but sucks for benching and squatting).

Sign up and go lift! Make it a goal to go 6 for 6 in OL or 9 for 9 in PL. Start with a weight you know you can do, do a very challenging weight and then pick a weight that is a new PR for you. Just be sure to get 1 "white light" lift in each of the lifts so that you can continue competing.

Get a good coach/ mentor, have fun and train hard and smart.
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