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Default Hahaha

Allen, you're welcome by any don't have to wait for the open house to come check us out!

Steve, thanks for the link, reading now!

Peter, that's the stance I've found works best for these things. It seems there are two ways to go about dealing with an injury; 1. get pissed off at lost training time and stress yourself out chomping at the bit to get back to training or, 2. look at it as a change of pace and an opportunity to try new things and just relax and let it take its course. #2 is the method I like the best, and I'm working towards a bunch of new goals right now to reflect the change in training that I forced upon myself!

All-in-all I think I might be looking at a longish layoff to deal with some nagging injuries that I've been ignoring over the past few years. No problem there, I have my entire life, so I'm planning on pursuing some other activities to keep me busy; bodyweight strength skills, get back to hiking more, and maybe even give bodybuilding for its own sake a try again (gasp!) Note, when I say this I mean bodybuilding along the lines of Tommy Kono and Steve Reeves....and if I add any hammer curls to my program I promise not to tell you guys..
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