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Wow who knew I hadn't updated in this long sheesh.

Week 8 update:
Body Comp: I'm not sure of what weight I'm at I haven't actually made it over to the gym I regularly weigh myself at this week. However I am visibly leaner now from when I first began those 8 weeks ago.

Duration of fast: I've been holding strong at 15 hours and this week I've extended my fasts on Monday and Today to 18 hour fasts. I feel about the same as the 15 hour so far.

Sleep: I've been getting a lot more sleep recently than in week 5 and 6 so that's helping for sure.

Misc.: Nothing to report here ok well since someone else brought up the bowel movement thing, I haven't been going as regularly as when I was eating 6 times a day but still "flowing" well.

Overall energy: Great, never felt better to be honest, I find that I don't get that afternoon slump as much anymore (as long as I get good sleep). I also don't rebound from cheat meals a LOT faster now than when I was eating more often. Thinking about it I would think it should be the opposite? Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Performance: All of my lift #'s have gone up since I have now completed Strength II in NRoL. So this hasn't impacted my strength gains at all. Met con performance I think is pretty good considering I only do it 2-3 times a week. This week on Monday morning and Wednesday morning I worked out at Crossfit Challenge with Jerry Hill at 6 am. I was actually wondering if I'd be able to hack it at all since my last meal is usually at 6-7 pm on the previous day,I haven't really been keeping up my met-con, and all of my workouts have been during my "eating time." I worked out Monday morning and while not a rockstar performance I managed and felt no ill effects. I even extended my fast after to see if I'd feel odd. Today so far so good also. Perhaps met-con on a empty stomach is the best way to go

*Note - At the 18 hour mark yesterday I felt like I was starving!
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