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Originally Posted by Yael Grauer View Post
Yeah, but remember that the adamantium makes him completely vulnerable to Magneto...esp. in the comics. In addition, he is overconfident in his mutant healing power, which isn't always going to work--as evidenced by Mystique taking out his replica with the cut to the throat before it kicked in. Wolverine is also physically weak, does not have unlimited stamina and he is weak-minded and therefore also vulnerable to telepathy and such. All you have to do is get in his mind until his powers run out and then cut his head off...
That's it she called Wolverine weak minded!!

Physically weak???? Compared to people with augmented strength like Rogue, Colossus, Hulk...etc Yeah Wolvie is pretty weak compared to them, however! Compared to the average human being Wolverine is very much above the average. He's 200 pounds (w/out admantium) at the height of 5'3"!!! With admantium he's 300 pounds and stronger.

I do recall a few issues where Wolverine by sheer force of will was able to circumvent telepaths trying to root around in his head.

True his healing factor is not inexhaustible BUT in Ultimate Hulk/Wolverine, the hulk tore Wolverine in half...but that didn't stop him!

Ok this geekiness must stop......
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