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I picked this up a couple of weeks ago. I haven't had time to go through it in depth yet or watch the DVD. I've been flipping through the book though.

It starts with thoracic mobility work, assessment, some basic foam rolling, and describes a couple movements of thoracic extension w/ rotation, aiming at thoracic spine mobility without lumbar compensation.

Goes on to some open and closed chain scapular activation/stabilization work. The closed chain is three push ups movements many of which you may have seen in other places. Closed chain stuff is basically DROM arm swings and a lower trap/ internal external rotation movement.

The next section, which I am finding the most helpful is some of the combined scapular/thoracic drills combined w/ some stretching of the opposite hip.

There is another section on wrist/forearm drills, some remedial movements to work on posture, a lot of them I have been doing at work to break the monotony of sitting in front of a desk all day, and ends w/ some cues for the bench press.

I don't want to list everything in there, but I like the lunge and reach stuff the most.

I'm not sure if the DVD just demonstrates the movements in the book or if there is some unique stuff in there as well.
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