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Steve--thanks for the input. Sounds like I need to start the long process of going to my doctor and getting a referral to see a specialist, etc. Intentionally a "fun" process with my HMO...

Labrum tear sounds kinda bad. I'll make sure to mention that as a possibility to my general practitioner, as he may be less educated about all of this than I am... Would this have chronic symptoms, or could it be intermittent?

Is it possible it's Iliopsoas Syndrome? I've been trying to educate myself more on all of the muscles/tendons in the hip region (and what can happen to them). This seems to be a possibility, especially given the on-again/off-again nature of this little beast of a problem. From what I understand, these two muscles cross in the region where I'm feeling pain, and are responsible in part for maintaining proper lower back curvature (something that's challenged during deep squats).

For what it's worth, I went to a chiropractor within a week of the original incident, and received back adjustments for about a month to supposedly help. At the time, the chiro believed it to be a hip joint rotation issue that adjustments would solve. I didn't do any further heavy back squats for that month, and after that month took a two-week "vacation" where all I did was hike in the mountains. After this, my symptoms had mostly disappeared, so I resumed doing the CF daily WODs. During the following months (this was starting in November), symptoms would sometimes re-appear, then mostly go away again after a few days.

Thanks for the input, Steve. And the little reality check. After doing CF for about a year and a half now, I guess maybe I've gotten a little lost in trying to always keep up with the WODs and make progress, forgetting that my body doesn't have to agree with my aspirations for it.
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