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Originally Posted by glennpendlay View Post
Ive watched Eric for a number of years now... the thing that stands out in my mind is a few years ago when he was younger, seeing him in the warmup room AFTER the meet was over, or at least after he was done lifting, doing max attempt after max attempt, trying to get a couple more kilos overhead than he did in the competition. If memory serves, the year the schoolage was in Vermont, he not only did this after he was done lifting, but was back in the training room the day after he lifted, again taking max attempt after max attempt. He is certainly motivated, and also, id say fairly stubborn!

Haha, thanks for sharing Glenn. He really does have a deep-seated love of just plain lifting heavy things.

Originally Posted by Timothy Scalise View Post
awesome lifts, really explosive guy. im wondering if he is going to put weight on as he developes, or stay there. I bet if he put on some more weight he would be even more impressive*** not saying you have to be big to lift great, but I just think that with his height he would be better served with some more weight, not taking anything away from what he is doing cause im just flat out impressed. ***
Yeah, he's apparently got a ridiculous, super-charged metabolism. I think he'll probably be a 94kg lifter one day.
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