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Kellen, if my being an ass keeps you from throwing your money at fat-loss books, I'll gladly accept that. If you want to be pissed at me and prove me wrong, I welcome that, too.

A lot of the stuff you have mentioned are good resources, but there's a time and a place for that. I understand how you feel as an aging athlete that has put on weight, lost some ability, and suffered an injury or two. I'll also tell you it's just going to get worse until you do something about it. I spent months reading and "getting ready" to lose weight. I wanted to find the best program. All the while, I was getting fatter, eating crappier, and feeling worse. Then I grabbed some sack, got myself sorted, and got back on the path. I've been through a couple different nutrition programs and several different S&C routines, but I'm 30 pounds lighter, a lot stronger, and better at my sport than I used to be.

At this point, it doesn't matter what you do.

If you just want to lose fat, do the Zone diet and Body for Life, P90X, or Yoga for Regular Guys.

If you want to lose fat and improve performance, do CrossFit, Ross Boxing, or Dragon Door, Core Performance, or Gymnastic Bodies.

If you're not leaning out quickly enough, do Paleo Zone.

If you want more strength, do Paleo or Warrior diet and do Starting Strength, CA WOD, 5-3-1, WSFSB, straight OLY, or a hybrid program.

There are other nutrition programs and other S&C programs that will work just as well. The best program is the one you aren't doing. So do the next best--the one that you will stick with for three solid months.

I'm on your side, Kellen. Step up and pick a training and eating plan from above. Give it 12 weeks--unaltered--and you will not be disappointed. 12 weeks! Don't do anything else. I promise you'll get results. Will you do this?
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