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Jon Brody
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Default Can you count a "sick week" as a "deload/back off week"?

So, I'm in the midst of what would be my 3rd, standard workweek -- yet, it's looking more and more that I'll be lucky to just break a sweat throughout this week b/c of illness.

Question: assuming I hardly tax my body in the gym this week, and just rest/relax/recover, could I essentially consider this week as something equivolent to a "back off" week (which I would have been doing next week, normally)? And, assuming a speedy recovery I simply treat next week as a fresh cycle and go for another 3 standard weeks, to then be followed by a "deload/back off" week?

Curious as to how you treat and count periods where you're doing nothing but resting due to some illness, and then foraying back into the grind.
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