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Default Fat and the Gag Reflex

Has anyone else noticed an unusual urge to gag when eating highly concentrated fats? Perhaps some of it is just a mental issue, but I've found that when trying to eat certain fatty pieces of meat (eg. pork shoulder), they simply do not want to go down when a large amount of visible fat is on there. The taste and texture of that fat is weird, I'll admit, but I don't know why that should cause me to gag. If I paid for the calories, I sure as hell want to eat them!

More recently, I've come into a problem with my 500 calorie olive oil shots. For the past four days, the temperature outside has rocketed up. We haven't started using the air conditioner indoors yet either, so it's pretty warm inside too. It turns out that a 2oz shot of (warm) room temperature olive oil is many times more repulsive than a moderate temperature one. Why is that? I can easily take 12-14oz of olive oil per day (obviously, not in one sitting, or it'd all leave in one ****ting), but with this warmer stuff, anything after 4oz literally makes me want to vomit right after it goes down. Simply the thought of it makes my stomach uneasy (not joking!). It takes a fight for it to go down too. I find myself unable to simply swallow it after throwing it back like I could with the cooler stuff. It has to sit in my mouth for a second for me to get used to the warmth, and that second is unbearable.

What is it about fat that triggers the gag reflex? Am I an oddball in this regard, or have you guys noticed it too?

(Also, can you refrigerate olive oil?)
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