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Originally Posted by Jodie Cohen View Post
does anyone know the guidelines for women who want to try IF? I'm interested, but don't know a lot about it. Do I fast on workout days, rest days, does it matter? And, how long would is the recommended length? Any help would be appreciated.

thank you!
I'm sure some women will add in....but here is what I have seen:
- women tend to do worse on smaller daily eating windows (may be just not getting enough calories in)
- women also may not do well on too much IF daily (like doing it everyday)

So to start....I say try it 2-3x a week on your rest days and go from there. Doesn't have to be complicated, just has to be effective. You could start with 6-8hr feeds and adjust as you go.

It's better to start smart and slow....and tweek it....than to go full force in, burn out, expect quick weight loss and just rebound the weight later with a f'd up thyroid.

You can also go here for more overview and tips:
Intermittent Fasting 101
Fitness Spotlight
The IF Life
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