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Default when to shift back from oly. WL only to CF only

please move this thread if it should have fit better in the fitness forum...thanks!!

as i wanted to improve my WL i found a WL club and started exclusively training it for one month. WL but as my goal is overall fitness i wondern when to go back to CF. I found one very good WL coach with whom i am training now. He said that in one year i would possible snatch 110kg (240lbs) and c&j 130kg (285lbs) but recently the coach was surprised with my fast progessions.
i am about 200lbs and 6'2" i wonder when i should go back to CF training? esp. as it might happen that i have to move in the next three month and thus having to find a new coach/training alone.
Due to improper form i had to re-lern the lifts and snatch now 60kg (130lbs) and c&j (80kg) 175 lbs but i did not do a 1 rep max for my c&j.
so what you think?
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