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Default olympic clean and PRESS prior 1972

I would like to know if anyone if you knows how to perform the olympic press as shown here: (w/f/s) (w/f/s)

I think the olympic press does far more emphasis core -stability, -strength, -ROM, -power and -speed compared to the rather static stability needed in the squat, DL or normal press esp. when looking over to gymnasitcs for core stability/ROM standards.

So i am really interessted in a guide for the press but when your intention is to argue about the value of the olympic press or just tell me that the olympic press is in nature a "standing bench press" or something else which does not enlighten the execution of that lift it would be very plesant if you read the thread i started a while ago in the CF main forum. i had the intent to discuss the proper execution of the olympic press but it started out to be about the (non)value of the olympic press thus a lot of things have been said in this regards and i strongly encurage you to read the old thread on the CF forum first to aviod accidental double posting.

Thread on the CF forum: (w/f/s)
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