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brian, your posts are always enlightening
but how do you define "get as strong as you can?" that means when is CF to be considered as a joke in terms of WL?

I asked my coach about it and he said provided that a lifter starts at the age of 14 and is somewhat suitable to WL he is bound to two 7 year cycles which will lead that athlete to the best condition he can reach. the first 7 years are about learning the technique in depth and obviously get the strength. In that time some serious competetive results can be achived. the (competetive) progression in the next 7 years is bound to the need to move up in the weight class. on the third 7 years there is usualy no significant improvement if not any regression...
but as i am 25 there is no chance to fit into that description even as i have no competetive WL intents

Justin Algera: i now go only for WL because CF or related activites do shorten my regeneration time i have for WL thus i did not get that much back from my training as i could at least in terms of WL. so i think it is a better idea to do WL for some time only.
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