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Garreth, is there somewhat of a number either as total number i.e. 110kg snatch 130kg c&j or relative number i.e. when i improve only 5kg at one lift in two month i stop WL (not completly of course) and go back to CF.
The thing is that the CF fitness works for me as a soldier very well and if my endurace is that much down that i can not perform my duties without (subjectively judged) serious effort i need to do more CF but until then i can WL. But that is not the way i want to measure because that would be not a measurement but an emergency plan. But again Metcon fitness is the one i need so i have no intent in becomming a good competetive WLer thus i need to find a way to measure my WL progress in terms to get more out of metcons...of course i would ever do a hybrid programm with WL and CF....
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