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I only see a modest bump in progress in the clean and jerk for super heavies in the 1980's (drugs are bad, mmmkay?) Across the weight classes it looks like pretty linear progress since the early 1960's, so I don't get that the removal of the press as being this huge boon to the Jerk.

it would make some sense in the lower weigth classes becuase the press requires a pretty big upper body and all things beign equal, without the press in play, one could devote more of the body's overall weight distribution to the hip and leg.

if you can't tell, i think the press should come back. I think the jerk is boring, the snatch is graceful and sublime, the clean and press is just awesome. I'd even consider training Oly if it was set up like that..

.oh well. is what it is...
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