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thank you for your replys.

of course i know that i do not really need WL (neither CF) for the military but as my military-fitness is very high compared to the average soldier i have different goals then just being a soldier. i want to excel as a soldier and my aspirations are towards special forces.
i now should add that i am european and that the "normal" european infantry soldier is different in training and operation than the US infantry. just take the fact that the US does spend relatively more money on the military than countrys in europe do hence there are other options to provide support and deployment for the infantry on the battlefield. but as my aspirations are towards special forces there are no (important) differnences in training and operations compared to the US.

regards army fitness tests: just recently i had to do a test on a stationary bike (which is a basic test for the infantry). i had to hold 70 r.p.m for time while resistance was linear increased. the start was at 50 watts resistance and then every minute the resistance was increased by 50 watts for eight times thus the full score was acheived after 8:50 min whereas the last 50 secs ended up with a resistance at 450 watts . i completed the test easily and could have continued.

besids WL i do a litte bit gymnastics which i started some month ago. i did that in order to increase my core strength and general mobility. in addition i have a background in martial arts and a litte bit in climbing but i stopped both because it does not provide me with the borad fitness gains i seek.

i hope my goals became clear as i avoided to write something like run 400m under 60 sec. snatch 130kg, etc....

i am now really wondering if there are some definite numbers when strength (maybe endurance) for the military is to high. for sure no one needs a 800lbs DL or 1000lbs squat in the military but are there some other numbers besids the "freaky" ones as the equipment for the small and big soldier is still the same provided they serve in the same unit.
army fitness tests do not help here because they are designed for recruitment or selection (in fact selection tests for special forces are much more complex and last over weeks or months) or for fitness maintenance but they always only insure the bare minimum requirements.
the thing is i do not have a problem with army fitness but i just like sports but like the army even more therefore i want to combine fun with something really useful (i.e. training for army fitness) to still get better
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