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Timothy Holmes
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*take with several grains of salt...*

What I saw on the C&J:
- Don't begin with a dynamic start until you can pull with a more upright torso. Just setup and pull. It might just be because you have long legs though...
- 'Jump' and land with your feet a bit further apart and pointed slightly outwards. Push your knees out - it's a front squat.
- Don't squat down so far for the jerk. A quick dip down, and drive hard upwards.
- You didn't push your legs out far enough for the landing, but that would probably be fixed with the dip. This was slightly better on the 215#.

Well done on the PR!

- You have really long legs... Push your knees apart before you pull from the floor so you can keep your hips closer to the bar and pull from a more upright position.
- Better foot position on the landing.
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