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Re: Snatch:
-I like what I see. You pull that bar high enough to power snatch it.
- Try bringing your feet out more in your set up and turn your toes out more. This should help get a more vertical setup and will bring your feet out more in the receipt.
- On the set up, start with the bar away from your shins (more over your toes) before you break it from the floor, then after you break it from the floor, bring it in and get your weight towards your heels. This will help get better pulls and will elminate that slight hop forward.

- You meet the bar very will, which is something I like to see.
- You also pull the bar high enough to power clean it.
- Same thing as the snatch, you're crowding the bar, making it get away from you at the 2nd pull. Start with it a lil' bit forward and sweep it in.
- Start position, fix it just like the snatch. The proxmity of your feet is hurting you because you can't keep a vertical enough torso in the clean.

Re: Jerk:
- Shorten the dip. Get the weight back on your heels and just slightly bend your knees and then quickly reverse the motion. You're dipping too much and sliding all over the place.
- Get the bar more in your hands and lower the elbows slightly. At the top of the clean as you finish standing up, pop the bar off the shoulders to get a better grasp on the bar.
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