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-Start position
You got long legs so it is more difficult to get your knees out of the way and maintain an upright (chest up) body position during your first pull. Garrett Smith has the same issue and he uses the "frog" starting position. Your feet will be closer together with your toes pointing outwards more. This will allow you to get your knees out of the way a bit more effectively during the first pull and keep your chest up better. You have a narrow landing position as it is so I think the "frog" technique may workout for you pretty well. Check out Garrett's Snatch critique thread for a better illustration of the "frog" starting position.
Other than that that was a real solid Snatch! Great job!!!

I will be home in June. You should come out and lift with Coach C and the rest of the Columbus Weightlifting Club at the YMCA North. Coach C is great and he works with everybody!

Sorry for some of the redundancy. Tim and Brian posted while I was writing my novel.
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