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Im sure that humans are capable of more than we think sometimes... I mean there are stories of people fighting off bears and big cats with knives or sticks... and both are clearly tougher than a german shephard or rottweiler or pit bulls.

However, the thought that you could poke the eye of, or hit the nose of, some dogs and hurt them and make them stop, im not so sure.

A couple of weeks ago, Maggie, my border collie/black lab mix, who is normally a nice dog but as she gets older gets more cranky, went after my pit bull big time. I was giving them both some doggy treats and she just got pissed and went for him. The "attack" lasted maybe 6-7 seconds, she went for his head and neck, and bit him repeatedly on the jaw, face, and neck. Afterward he was dripping blood from several puncture wounds on his face and neck. Dripped blood all over my kitchen floor.

Now, Mack was standing in front of me, wagging his tail, and looking at the dog treat in my hand when it started. And he stood there, fairly still, looked at me and wagged his tail the whole time. Didnt even flinch. Never took his eyes off me and never stopped wagging his tail. And after i smacked maggie and she kind of cowered down, he turned to her and licked her and tried to "make friends" again i guess.

So, I'm not sure, but im a bit skeptical that if he, or any dog like him, was really pissed, a little pain would deter him. I might be wrong, but if he can take something like that without even flinching when hes all calm and being nice, well when the adrenaline is up and hes really enraged, what would he ignore?

I dont know, but as i have said before, I dont want to fight no big dogs.

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