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Chuck Kechter
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Last November I was walking my dog (a 12 year old greyhound) on a local bike trail, when a pit pulled out of a woman's hand and attacked my dog.

I saw that it was going to happen, but was a fraction of a second too late to get between them. The pit was FAST... It went for my dog's neck, and luckily before it could grab him, I got there. I grabbed the pit by the back of it's neck and it's belly, and sort of spun-hip tossed it head first into the sidewalk. It started a scramble after my dog, so I used my chest/weight to bury it till I could get a better position. I went to kesa-getame (modified scarf hold for you Judo/BJJ guys), underhooked it's far leg and used my ribs/weight on the back of it's neck -- stretching it out in ways dog's normally don't move -- till it slowed it's scramble. Then I turned it over and (in dog parlance) made it submit to me with my ribs buried in it's diaphragm and an arm across it's throat...

Scariest minute I've had in a long time. Freaked out my wife, daughter, the owner of the pit and a neighbor who all witnessed the attack.

Not something I want to do again...

PS. In writing this out, it looks like I had some kind of plan going on. The truth is, this stuff "just happened." This was my automatic response after 35+ years of martial art.
Very Respectfully,
Chuck Kechter

"Who cares if your "deadly art" was originally practiced in a temple in some obscure corner of Bangladesh if an ill-tempered girl scout with 6 months of boxing can knock the hell out of its practitioners?" --Mike Driscoll
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