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I guess I've been reading this thread too much. I was riding my bike with my son a few days ago, and we saw this fairly slightly built girl, maybe 100-110lbs walking TWO huge rottweilers. Now, I have seen plenty of rott's. Most are fairly normal sized dogs, maybe 80 to 110lbs. Big but not huge. But these dogs had to go 150lbs + each. They were freaking huge. I mean HUGE. And of course seemed like very nice dogs, very friendly, which in my experience is normal for rott's, usually fairly intelligent, very friendly dogs. But having recently read this thread, I'm thinking, if those dogs came for me, WTF could I do?

Its good that in reality, the vast majority of big dogs are gentle towards humans, at least the ones I have seen. Ive had a few "big" dogs, and they have been incredibly gently. And I'd have to say my pit is the gentlest of all.
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