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Just noticed this thread. Due to a nasty roll-over accident of my own making back in 2000 I found myself on the edge of immobility due to the pain from the whiplash I got. This caused me to seek out anything that I could imagine to deal with it and eventually I decided to try yoga. Within six weeks I was feeling much, much different. Not without pain but at least I could function. This is site of the woman who gives the classes I attended: She calls the classes power yoga and I've really no idea what style that corresponds to. All I can say is that it worked great for me and I'd recommend doing what I did to anyone who found themselves in the same circumstances. If I recall the cost was like $15.00 for two classes and I did lots and lots of them. The jerk Dr that I was sent to for evaluation wanted to operate within 5-10 minutes of being in his office! I think I made the better choice.
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