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Originally Posted by Marcial Lafuente View Post
Hi to you all.

I have been deadlifting for about a year, with a 2 months interruption because of a muscle strain.

Since my technique was learnt on my own (youtube mainly), I feel Im lagging in some respects.

See a video with 330 pounds for form check.
By the way, its the 3rd single set with the same weight and my maximun up to now.

I think I can lift a bit more but I want to improve my technique.

In my opinion my bottom is too high, yet that could be due to my bodily proportions (6 feet tall, short torso for my legs I would say)

Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks very much
I think it look pretty good. ditch the shoes and you'll be able to get a little further back with your butt. you're starting in the right place for your height, if you want to advance to heavier weights do not artificially lower your start to comport with some oly lifting ideal.
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