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My first competition is this Saturday May 9. The plan for this week was to do 5 singles up to my last warmup lift on Monday and 4 singles up to my second to last warmup lift on Wednesday. I couldn't resist not doing anything last Sunday so I did 5 sets of 10 squat jumps to a 20" box. That was a huge mistake. My hamstrings are still sore today.

If any of you all know that soreness you get in your hams from Straight Leg Deadlifts that can last for several days. That is the same soreness I got from doing these squat jumps. I had no idea plyometrics would do that to me. A 20" box doesn't seem like much but I always try to elevate my whole body above the 20" rather than just doing a little tuck jump onto the box. The first two sets of 10, I started at the top then squatted and jumped. For the last 3 sets of 10, I started in the squat position and then just exploded up.

Anyways, the soreness really killed my Monday night workout. I missed a couple really easy snatches that I usually never miss in practice. Hopefully I will be fully functional by Wednesday night so I can take my 4 warmup reps with each exercise and gain some confidence back before the competition this weekend.
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