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Originally Posted by Greg Battaglia View Post
The only reason I really haven't gone 100% barefooted is because I fear cutting my feet on glass and other trash and because I can wear five fingers into places that would not allow bare feet. Wish that wasn't the case, cause I would definitely go barefooted.
Don't worry about the glass. I have yet to come across any, walking 3-5 miles, most days of the week, with a lot of it being on sidewalks, streets, or vast expanses of parking lots. If I were to step on some now, I have a feeling it wouldn't be all that painful. Given another month or two, I probably wouldn't feel it at all.

As for the social taboo against barefootedness, I can't help you there. Thank goodness for college where no one gives a **** what you do.
And yes, I'm actually holding that handstand. Get on my level.
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