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Originally Posted by Emily Mattes View Post
I have reason to believe that my deadlift form problems come from a weak posterior chain and an overdeveloped erector spinae, which results in me "backing" the deadlift.

in the history of the world...this has never happened. it's like the concept of "quad dominant" racers and speed skaters are quad dominant....which is another way of saying, weak hamstrings.

if you're biased towards lifting with your back there's a number of things that might be going on,

maybe you have long legs, long arms and a short back..congrats, you're made to pull,

could be you have weak hamstrings and just as likely,

you have weak quads and lower leg, (calf and anterior compartment).

luckily the prescription probably the same, RDL's and front squats.

almost nobody does stiff legs correctly.RDL's reinforce good lifting whereas stiff legs are a bit hard to translate.
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