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Default New To CA Workouts - 2 Position Snatch and 2 Position Clean


I am brand new to CA workouts, however I have been bodybuilding for about 10 years and most recently CrossFitting for about 8 months. I have just started a CA strength cycle this week(the one that started April 13). Some of the exercises are slightly new/different and I just want to make sure today's workout:

1) If I'm understanding the description on the "Exercises" Page, the 2 Position Snatch is done like this......First part is the full Snatch, immediately followed by a Snatch that starts at mid-thigh (or high hang) position. Is this correct?

2) Similar question for the 2 Position Clean. Do I do a full clean, immediately followed by a high-hang (starting at mid-thigh) clean?



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