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Originally Posted by Rafe Kelley View Post
Haha doesn't hurt to ask.
After I posted this thread I have tried to stay calmer and still do for everything except my work set but I just don't feel the same if don't psych up. The thing for me is focus if could maintain the same focus calm then i don't think I would have a problem but my attention has a tendency to wander I am ADHD hyping up gives me the tunnel vision I need to concentrate completely on technique and it seems like with that focus I can just access muscle more effectively.
I agree. I have the same "mind wandering" issue.

We have adrenaline for a reason, we call it up when we need it (which can include competition). I don't think there is any substitute.

I can't get anywhere near the focus I have on the platform in front of people trying for a PR when I'm simply training at home (even if I'm trying for a PR). I also take a full week off after meets from lifting because I feel "drained" unlike I do from other types of training (not physically so much, but I definitely lose a drive to train).

I don't know of any world-class athlete that would say they could go 100% effort (emotional and physical) every day. If there is one who spent a long time at the top, please enlighten me. Heck, even Michael Phelps held back in his early swim events in Beijing...
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