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Jeff Yan
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If anybody's been wondering what happened to my nutrition and workout logging, here's the sitch. My last posts were in late November, early December. Around that time I went on vacation in Maui, where I stopped keeping track of what I was eating and fell behind on my journal entries.

When I came back, I remained lazy with my food documentation. Moreover, only a few short weeks upon returning, I was scheduled to compete in a local CrossFit challenge. I started having doubts about the program I designed for myself and decided to resume following the CF main site WODs. If I was going to be the weak link on my affiliate's team, I didn't want it to be because I went maverick with my programming.

After the competition, for whatever reason, I ended up sticking with the CFHQ WODs. I still recorded my times and notes in the comments sections of my affiliate's blogs, but now that my workouts were no longer deviating much from the main site, I figured there was less need for me to go through the effort of logging here (not sure if that really makes sense though).

However, in accordance to the CrossFit Virtuosity 100 Day Six-Pack Challenge (wfs), I've started documenting my meals and workouts again.

If you want to check out what I'm doing nowadays at the gym or see pictures of the stuff I'm putting into my mouth, you can do so here: (mostly wfs, not not necessarily)
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