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Unfortunately I have nothing spectacular to report from my first competition. I weighed in at 92kg. I did a 100kg snatch and 120 CJ for a 220 total. I have done 105kg snatch before in practice and 120 CJ in practice before. So no PR results.

I almost thought I was going to totally embarass myself when I missed my opening snatch. I felt real rushed and it's so wierd in front of an audience. So I missed 95kg. But then I regained my composure and threw up 95lbs. Then I did 100kg real easily. If I wouldn't have blown my first lift I am sure I could have done 105kg or 106kg on my third.

I opened with a 115 cj real easily, then 120 pretty easily, and then 125 I don't know what I did. I think the adrenaline was going so much I pulled it clear up to my adams apple both my hands flew of the bar and it just kind of bounced off me and hit the ground. Total disaster. I think my wife got some video of the CJ's.

The best part of the competition was I got to see Glenn Pendlay's young prospect, Caleb Ward. I don't remember what his lifts were but they were insane. I think it was like a 130kg snatch and 145 CJ or something. He made 5 out of 6 and only missed his 6 because his back shoe flew off on the split jerk.
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