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Brian, your lifts were COMPETITION records, which is different than training records. In training, if your hand flys off the bar, you can try again, in competition, you cant. You have to hit it the first time. It is normal for beginners to have much higher training records than competition records for a while because of this, they are too inconsistent to hit the same lifts when they only get one chance at it.

I thought you did really well, if you can stay on your heals better when pulling, and dip and drive straight on every attempt like you did on the 120 (most of your warmups and your 115 were not straight dips) you should be looking at 110/135 in the very near future.

And FYI, caleb hit 140/145/150 on his three snatch attempts, and 170/180/190 on his three clean and jerk attempts. On the 190, he cleaned it easy and caught the jerk strongly, only to have his back shoe come about half off, his heal came completely out of it and touched the platform... no way to recover. we were taking it easy, doing third attemps with what his projected openers will be at worlds. None of the lifts were hard in spite of being done at the end of a heavy week of training with no taper.

I also had some other kids do well. I took 17 kids and every one except caleb made at least one personal record, and obviously caleb lifted light on purpose. I was very pleased with the kids that opted to go to this meet. PR's are contagious, and once the youngest and lightest kids started making them, everyone got psyched up and made them.

And special props to my son William for doing 20kg snatch and 26kg clean and jerk, both competition PR's. He missed the jerk on his second attempt clean and jerk at 23kg, and had the guts to move up for a PR and go and attack it and make it convincingly. Way to go William! We'll be putting another nail in the bedroom wall for your new gold medal at the prestigeous Van Alstyne open held at the spacious and opulent Van Alstyne fine arts and convention center!

One other gutsy comeback that derserves mentioning was Antonio Torres, an 8 year old who missed badly with a 38kg clean and jerk on his second, only to come back and make maybe the best clean and jerk I have ever seen him do with 38 on his third. Way to go Antonio!

Our kids have lots of fight!

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