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I like Emily's advice.

The Plandomization article that Everett released recently is pretty spot on here, too. You want to do just enough metcon type stuff to keep your current muscle/cardio endurance and stamina. The rest of your workout should be focused on developing your strength.

I am a similar height/weight and I have pretty similar goals. Looking at the events from the regional competitions and the previous years of CF, I decided that I want a 300lb C&J, 225lb Snatch, 500lb deadlift, 375lb deep squat, +150lb pull-up, and 205 lb strict overhead press. After that, I planned to mostly focus on cardio and muscle endurance, and do just enough strength work to keep my strength from regressing.

You could also do this more cyclically if you wanted. i.e. strength-focus for 4 months, cardio/muscle-endurance (etc) focus for 2 months, and repeat. I'm debating which method is better and having trouble making up my mind.

Either way, spend the next 3 months working with this guy. Good Oly lifting coaches aren't always easy to find.
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